Yahoo'd recently? Better scan your PC for malware

Malicious Java-enabled advertisements on Yahoo's ad network have compromised PCs all over the world

Bad news for Yahoo users: if you opened up the website or used any of its services that displayed Java-powered advertisements, best you scan your computer for nasty stuff.

The Washington Post reported that two Internet security firms found that Yahoo's ad servers had been serving up big portions of nasty malware since at least Dec 30.

Time to bid Java goodbye

According to security firm Fox IT, the nasty advertisements worked by sending out what is called an "exploit kit" that targets Java vulnerabilities, then installs malware on your machine.

It is estimated that the malicious payloads were being served up to around 300,000 users per hour. So there is a real possibility that if you do use Yahoo and have done so in the last week, you are genuinely at risk.

This doesn't mean you need to break up with Yahoo, but perhaps it's time to uninstall Java on your machine unless, of course, you're an unfortunate Java programmer.

Yahoo currently has a pretty sizeable userbase in Malaysia, with over 8.6 million Malaysians using the site's services.

[Source: Washington Post]