Yahoo tries to give Gmail competition with revamped Yahoo Mail, new features

You're still using Yahoo Mail? Well, you shall be rewarded for being faithful as Yahoo's gone and given you more reason to still be using it

It isn't half-bad

The 'new' Yahoo Mail takes its cues from Yahoo's other popular property, Flickr. Like Gmail, you can now theme your inbox using a variety of themes and if you notice, themes link back, crediting Flickr users whose images were used to create said themes.

Conversation threads (like Gmail) have now been added as well as other features including:

  • A brand new-preview pane that allows you to quick-glance through emails instead of loading each one
  • One click actions like delete, starring and search that can be done by hovering over an email
  • Disposable email addresses
  • Enhanced filters
  • Automatic message forwarding

Yahoo has also given all users 1TB of storage each as well as revamped the mobile web mail interface as well.

Currently, the new Yahoo Mail is available in nine countries including Britain, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, the Phillipines, Singapore, and the United States. Other countries are supposed to be "coming soon".

[Source: Yahoo]