Yahoo probes into the video streaming space by nabbing startup RayV

RayV will give Yahoo an advantage in growing its video user base
Yahoo probes into the video streaming space with its nab of RayV

With Apple and Google both focusing their attention on the music streaming service space, Yahoo’s decided to eye an alternate field – it’s forayed into video streaming with the purchase of a start-up named RayV.

With the acquisition of the company, Google hopes to deliver video content to more people, particularly via mobile devices. This means more mobile video streaming for you, you and you.

Although no details of the deal have been disclosed yet, it’s safe to say this deal will result in an improvement of Yahoo’s tech infrastructure, if it takes off successfully.   

“Yahoo is focused on growing video users and monthly streams, and while we’re only getting started, we’re very focused on this in 2014,” the search giant mentioned in its announcement of the purchase.

It's all about video

Yahoo probes into the video streaming space with its nab of RayV

And that’s been its current game in the recent months. It’s been expanding on its video offerings by gaining exclusive rights to video content, such as the show Community, and the hiring of famous media personalities like Katie Couric.

Looking into our crystal ball, we foresee Yahoo to offer HD quality on-demand and live content streaming across all platforms. It's questionable if it'll become a robust platform for Yahoo but the company looks to be very interested in it.

And it seems the acquisition spree isn’t going to end with RayV. Sources claim the company has also been showing interest in other video streaming companies like Dailymotion, NDN and Fullscreen.

If Yahoo does size up its future video streaming offering by acquiring these companies, it could possibly become one heck of a video streaming service mogul.

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[Source: Mashable]