Yahoo makes it easier for serial password-forgetters

The feature is currently US-only but is likely to make it to other countries in due course

Yahoo is late to the party but it's now added a feature where it will text you a new password should you forget it. It is calling the feature 'on-demand passwords'. Neat name though we wonder whether this is the best policy in the long run. It's extra-secure in the sense that you no longer need to remember a password, should you not want to but this hinges on your phone being available all the time. This is one reason why some people eschew dual-authentication as the delays in receiving authentication texts (or failure to receive them) can be aggravating.

More security coming soon

Besides this novel new feature, Yahoo also showcased its encryption efforts at the recent SXSW conference. Earlier, Yahoo had announced it was working on end-to-end email encryption and will also release early source code for interested coders.

With the concerns about email surveillance and privacy, encrypting emails is no longer the domain of spy movies but something that might soon become a standard requirement or something demanded by consumers.

No telling though whether Yahoo's work on its email platform will encourage more people to use the service as opposed to the ever-popular Gmail.

[Source: Engadget]