Yahoo Mail Gets A Revamp In Looks And Features

Get your email organised

Many of us have multiple email accounts and we're constantly getting emails on a daily basis, to the point that we do have a tendency to let it all pile up, to the point that we may even miss important emails. Well it looks like Yahoo is going all out to be the better email service, as they have not only revamped its appearance, but they've also added new features to help with inbox overload and more.

The new app gives the ability to organise clutter, personalise and control inboxes to give you better focus on what matters. The app can also give you access to other email accounts such as Gmail and Outlook while also being able to still use Yahoo Mail's features on all accounts. Other forms of organisation includes grouping messages into "Views" like Travel and Attachments, and you can control email overload by using a one-tap unsubscribe tool. 

Overall, this makes Yahoo Mail a multi-purpose inbox, designed to help organise people's lives in the way they need, all wrapped up with a fresh new look to boot. The app will start rolling out progressively from today on Android and iOS with all the new features, a modern interface, and even navigation that allows for one-hand usage with even the biggest mobile screens.