Yahoo buys and shuts down Blink chat app

Self-destruct messaging app pulled from Google Play and Apple App Store while Yahoo's plans for it remain a mystery
Yahoo buys, shuts down Blink app

Today, in unexpected app purchases, messaging app Blink just announced that it was bought over by Yahoo. Blink was Snapchat's biggest competitor, with both offering the ability to eliminate sent messages and images in the name of privacy.

What's interesting though is that while Yahoo is absorbing Blink's staff to work on 'smart communication products', it's choosing to close down the app entirely instead of either rebranding it or just letting the app continue on its own, the way WhatsApp was left alone by Facebook.

But Blink is not quite as established or a brandname the way Snapchat is, so perhaps Yahoo is trying to rebrand or engineer a rebirth of Yahoo Messenger for mobile? 

Blink and it's gone

Yahoo buys, shuts down Blink chat app

With privacy concerns being more prominent among users now, you can see 'self-destructing' messages as a feature in apps like Telegram. Snapchat though is more known as a way to send more risque communications (topless or shirtless photos, anyone?) without the fear of them being used as blackmail.

But screenshots and cameras still exist, you know, so self-destruct messages are not a failsafe method of ensuring embarassing messages aren't stored in some form.

Snapchat was primarily about photos but eventually added text to its offerings while Blink offered not just text but audio, sketches and video. You could also collaborate on sketches via the app, which could potentially even be useful in settings where collaborative drawing or designs were needed.

The problem with Yahoo is that its mobile app offerings have been overshadowed by Google's, with more people choosing to use Google's email and search offerings even on the mobile. It hasn't even been doing much of a good job with the licenses it already owns, with its mobile version of Flickr taking ages to come out after plenty of third-party solutions and Flickr integration into other mobile apps were created.

Right now Yahoo needs to start playing catch up and fast.

[Source: Electronista