Xperia XZ Premium is red-dy for Malaysia

If there's space for a luxe red phone in your life, maybe this is it

The Xperia XZ Premium in now available in a new shade: red, or as Sony is calling it, 'Rosso'.


Polished, the Sony way

We know, Sony mobile phones haven't been grabbing the headlines lately. Which is a shame considering the XZ Premium is a classy piece of kit, though pricey.

Running a Snapdragon 835 alongside 4GB of RAM, its most noteworthy feature is its 4K screen. The phone also packs in an impressive slo-mo camera.

With glass in the back and front, it follows the trend of beautiful but potentially fragile smartphone beasts.

Check out our review about the hits (and misses) of Sony's latest. It's priced at RM3399 and can be found at selected Sony Stores as well as official distributors offline and online.