Xkuty One electric scooter uses iPhone to call for help

A lightweight runabout that puts the brains of the iPhone to good use
Xkuty One

Spanish company The Electric Mobility Company has developed a lightweight electric scooter with iPhone integration.

Attached to the handlebars, the iPhone takes the place of a conventional dashboard as well as adding some smart features.

Electric feel

The Xkuty One falls halfway between an electric bike and a scooter, and uses an iPhone with companion app to display speed and battery life as well as being able to detect if the rider has had a spill using the iPhone's gyroscope and motion sensors.

It will then send an automated message to a pre-set emergency contact. It's a nice touch that is already available on a number of standalone apps designed for motorcycle riders.

The Xkuty One has a top speed of 35kph and prices start at €2,800 (RM12,215) for the basic version with a 40km range and rising to €3,720 (RM16,230) for the top-level version with a 100km range. There's no release date yet, but you can join the waiting list on the Xkuty site.