Xiaomi’s phablet has very little edge

Wants to be your bezel-less bezzie. (Sorry.)


Now, just calm down. We know it’s been a difficult time for you, and this might look for all the world like a phoenix rising from the ashes of your Note 7. But you musn’t throw open your desire valves so readily, until we’ve looked at some facts.

Fact: I’m buying this.

OK, well, you’re not. Because Xiaomi is a Chinese brand and its phones don’t often leave home. Also, because the Mi MIX was until very recently just a concept – it has a concepty video featuring French fancifyer Philippe Starck.

That said, Xiaomi now say they’re going to make it, and has released quite detailed specs for it on Facebook. There’s a price being bandied about too, one that converts to about RM2145.

Well, then: add to cart.

Come on, think this through. Do you really want a huge phablet with a 6.4in, curved edge screen taking up 91.3 percent of the front of the phone? A screen so all-encompassing that the little ear speaker has been replaced by piezoelectric technology built-in to the ceramic body of the phone? A display so ginormous that the selfie cam has been relegated to the bottom edge? Will you be happy with Snapdragon 821 processing, 4GB or 6GB of RAM and a 4400mAh battery?

Yes! I’m booking a flight to China right now.

Well, admittedly, it does all sound rather marvellous. Is that Premium Economy? We’re coming too.