Xiaomi’s new Redmi is getting a larger screen and an octa-core chip

There are more goodies but 4G LTE isn’t going to be one of it
Xiaomi’s new Redmi is getting a larger screen and an octa-core chip

Believe it, Xiaomi’s Redmi phones are selling like hotcakes in Singapore.

But barely a month since it launched its affordable Android smartphone, Xiaomi is readying the Redmi successor.

For those who didn't manage to get the Redmi because it was snapped up in eight minutes, you're probably breathing a sigh of relief right now.

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It seems like the updated Redmi is going to get a little bigger and faster. China’s TENNA database, which lists communication devices approved for the Chinese market, shows what appears to be the new Redmi smartphone awaiting certification.

Based on what’s been gleamed from the site, the new Redmi will get a bump in screen size from its current 4.7in to a 5.5in, though its screen resolution stays at 720p and it uses an IPS panel.

On the performance side, it’ll be getting 1GB of RAM, Android 4.2.2 and what is most likely going to be a MediaTek octa-core processor. Eight processors, on a budget smartphone? This better not be an elaborate April Fool’s prank. Two variants are named, one of which runs on a 1.4GHz processor and another with its processor speed clocked at 1.7 GHz.

Other goodies listed in the certification includes a 13-megapixel main camera and a 5-megapixel front camera. We know what you’re thinking - no more grainy selfie shots. Don’t worry about filling that phone up with narcissistic photos since you can add a microSD card to expand storage capacity.

Get ready for the bad news - 4G LTE support wasn’t mentioned, so we’re guessing it’s not an option with this new Redmi. Again.

There’s no confirmed date for the new Redmi’s launch, but it might be unveiled at the “MiFan Festival”, an event that celebrates the company’s anniversary in April.

Source: Engadget