Is this Xiaomi’s Mi4 smartphone?

Leaked image of a purported Xiaomi Mi4 in the assembly line circulates
Is this Xiaomi’s Mi4 smartphone?

Has Xiaomi outdone itself in creating a new successor to its Mi3? A leaked picture of this unnamed smartphone could possibly prove so.

At first glance, the device on the image seems to have a stark resemblance to the unit Weibo claimed was the speculated Mi3S, raising the question if Xiaomi’s held off its production in place for the launch of some other models, like the recently unveiled Xiaomi Note.

And to make it more feature packed for a later release, it could have altered some of the specifications of the unit and named it Mi4 – that’s what we’re guessing, or we could be completely wrong and see both the Mi3 S and Mi4’s launch.

The leak was first spotted by GSM Insider, claiming the image was snapped by an operator from a Chinese manufacturing plant (possibly Foxconn since it’s one of Xiaomi’s main manufacturers).

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A focus on its camera

Only the front panel of the device is snapped, and it looks to have extremely thin bezels. We can at least confirm that the mystery unit is white coloured, and that it sports a Xiaomi logo on the top left corner, just like all of Xiaomi’s devices. It also seems to have a front facing camera, front speaker, as well as a light sensor.

Of course, we can’t make out the specifications of the device from just this, although we presume you’re itching to know. Another source of GSM Insider's only hinted at its back camera - stating that the Mi4 may feature a 13MP Sony IMX214 main camera, which has an f/1.8 aperture and similar to the camera used on another smartphone, Vivo xShot. But otherwise, our guess of its specs is just as good as yours.

Although, it has been a year since Xiaomi announced the Mi3 and the fact that Xiaomi dropped the price of the device in Singapore could mean it's making way for a successor in the coming months.  

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[Source and image: GSM Insider