You'll want Xiaomi's crowdfunded tablet-transforming robot collectible

Just RMB169 for the chance to own your very own Xiaomi/Hasbro Transformer

Xiaomi's Hugo Barra made a surprise announcement of an unexpected project: a robot. Not, unfortunately, something lifesized but a collaboration with Hasbro for the Transformer robot Soundwave.

He wrote in a Facebook post: "R&D worked really hard to ensure that the color, details and feel are exactly the same as Mi Pad 2. They were challenged at turning such a slim 7mm tablet into a 3D robot, but they managed to do so with a 30-step folding assembly."

The results are pretty impressive, judging from the pictures which show the Xiaomi tablet being converted into a very sleek-looking robot. Unfortunately it doesn't work as a real tablet as there is no way for the display to be able to be taken apart and put together. Otherwise it would have genuine utility so unfortunately, this robot is just a toy (for now).

Why the choice of the Decepticon Soundwave? No clue here but Soundwave is a pretty popular robot for fun toy projects, as witnessed by the working Takara Soundwave G1 that actually transforms into a real microcassette recorder.

It's crowdfunded so you can easily own it for the low, low price of RMB169 (RM102). To order just go to this link. Now we can start dreaming about an entire Transformers line that transform into everyday gadgets. Maybe a Bumblebee next?

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[Source: Xiaomi]