Xiaomi Watch Color To Launch In China On January 3

No specs and pricing details yet

Xiaomi is set to launch a new line of smartwatches after the Mi Watch with the new Watch Color. So far Xiaomi has only revealed teasers of the device with no specs or pricing details, but we can expect such info to be revealed during its launch in China on January 3.

With that said though, the teasers do show that the Xiaomi Color Watch will come as a circular design that's likely 1.39-inch diagonal and 454 x 454 pixel resolution. Being a smartwatch, you can expect the usual fitness tracking features as well as heart rate sensor, accelerometer and barometer.

Seeing as one of the teasers includes a man in a swimming pool, we can also expect the Xiaomi Color Watch to be swim-proof as well. Based on the teasers as well, we can look forward to colourful straps, as well as at least three casing colours of silver, gold, and black, giving you plenty of options for the watch to fit your style.

No news yet on a global launch, but at least we have plenty from Xiaomi to look forward to in 2020.