Xiaomi unveils a tablet, and it's called, wait for it, the Mi Pad

Speculate no more, Xiaomi's first Android tablet is finally official
Xiaomi unveils a tablet, and it's called, wait for it, the Mi Pad

Xiaomi has finally let the cat it’s been keeping under wraps for the past few weeks out of the bag. 

The Chinese electronics company announced its latest product range at the CNCC event in Beijing and unveiled an all-new Android-powered Mi Pad tablet, which is available as a 16GB or 64GB model. If you need more memory, it even includes an expandable micro-SD card support of up to 128GB.

Some of its other features include a 7.9in, 3048 x 1536 pixels display, giving it a display density of 326ppi. The tablet is powered by an Nvidia Tegra K1 Next-Gen Mobile processor, 6700 mAh battery, as well as a 5MP front camera and 8MP rear camera.

While its 360g weight is nowhere as light as iPad mini with Retina Display, the Mi Pad is still a relatively portable tablet. 

Its pricing is in line with the Chinese company's competitive strategy, with the 16GB model costing ¥1,499 (RM778) while the 64GB version is tagged at ¥1,699 (RM882).

Local availability has yet to be revealed, although we suspect it won’t take the vendor too long to bring it to our shores. 

One more thing, there's a Mi TV 2 too

Xiaomi unveils a tablet, and it's called, wait for it, the Mi Pad

Xiaomi also unveiled the Mi TV 2, which is a 49in 4K display unit with an MStar quad-core 1.45GHz processor, Mali450-MP4 GPU, and 2GB DDR3 RAM.

Oh, and did we mention it also has a cool functionality that lets you tap on your Mi TV 2 to locate a beeping remote control? It’s perfect for those of you that constantly lose your remotes and have trouble finding it beyond your plush sofas.

The Mi TV 2 will cost ¥3,999 (S$2,076) but sadly, the unit might not be shipped to any of the countries outside of China due to licensing issues, unless Xiaomi has some sort of local arrangement in the works that it's not telling us.

Unlike Apple, there wasn't a 'one more thing' moment with Xiaomi. No confirmation of the Xiaomi Mi3S was made, which left many wondering what the leak image was about. But surely, there will be a successor for the Mi3, we'll just have to keep an eye out for it, and you'll need to keep reading Stuff for more updates.

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