Xiaomi Blatantly Steals Art For Their Ads

Not cool Xiaomi.

China has always been pretty lax when it comes to intellectual properties, with bootlegged products being a dime a dozen in the country. China making their own smartphones and paving the way for their own brands to make a stamp on the world at large, though it’s no surprise that some habits die hard.

Xiaomi is currently under a lot of fire for stealing and flipping art assets for their ad campaign in Spain. Specifically 3D assets from Greece-based artist, Peter Tarka. The company not only stole a single piece of art for their own means, but actually stole 3 different pieces of art from Tarka’s portfolio.

What’s more is that Tarka’s art was originally commissioned by LG, the Korean tech giant and one of Xiaomi’s global competitors. Tarka’s art was made back in 2018, which you can see on his Behance page, showing that Xiaomi didn’t change much for their ad campaign. They merely swapped out a few assets and adds in their own products, as well as swapping the placements of a few props and changing the colours.


This may be Xiaomi’s first time in stealing art for their own needs, but the company has long since been accused of stealing designs from their competitors, like their Mi 9 S wallpaper plagiarising Apple’s MacOS Mojave wallpaper. In any case, no word on whether Tarka will be compensated by the company for the use of his art, though that seems unlikely.