Xiaomi shows off its own processor with the Mi 5c

New phone just the start of Xiaomi's smartphone ambitions

Xiaomi showed off both a new phone in the Mi 5c as well as its own processor, the Surge S1.

Sleek delight

From the pictures, the Mi 5c looks pretty interesting with Xiaomi touting its slimness. This despite a 5.15in JDI display - which comes with super thin 1.6mm bezels. It weighs a mere 132g with 7.09mm thinness, alongside a 2860mAh battery.

As for the Surge S1, we're looking at Xiaomi's own octa-core 64-bit processor, that has a 2.2GHz quad core A53 and 1.4GHz quad-core A53 combo. Xiaomi touts its new SoC as having better image processing capability, claiming its Surge ISP improves camera light sensitivity by up to 150 per cent. The accompanying Mali-T60 GPU is also said to have 40 per cent improved power efficiency.

Back to the phone - it also comes with a 2860mAh battery with 9V/2A fast charging, 3GB+64GB RAM and storage combo, a 1.25μm pixel size 12MP camera sensor and support for single-frame HDR shooting. As for the fingerprint sensor, Xiaomi's placed it on the front.

How much for the whole thing? Just RMB1499 (RM970) which sounds like a steal. Now, when will it make its wayover here? Currently that's anyone's guess but we're hope it's soon.

We'll keep you updated on the best of Xiaomi right here.