Xiaomi shouts out presence in Malaysia, coy on actual launch details

The company is being a tease, with only a Facebook page but no official Malaysian online shopfront as yet
Xiaomi shouts out presence in Malaysia, coy on actual launch details

Smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi has teased exciting developments on its Malaysian Facebook page.

It posted the following: “Apa khabar Malaysia! Kami sudah datang kepada anda. "LIKE" page kami untuk mendapat update terkini. (What’s up, Malaysia! We have come to you. “Like” our page to get the latest updates.)

While Xiaomi Singapore is already up and running, there's still no word on the official URL for Xiaomi Malaysia or whether the company might decide to team up with an online retailer like Lazada or Superbuy.

Hot and cheap

Xiaomi shouts out presence in Malaysia, coy on actual launch details

Singapore’s reception to Xiaomi’s bargain basement pricing for surprisingly decent specs was so good, the phones were sold out on the first day.

The company was cagey about exactly how many were sold but on their second Redmi offering, were open enough to admit it had sold 5000 Xiaomi Redmi phones in 8 minutes and 4 seconds.

Xiaomi has done really well in China, where 100,000 units were snapped up on its first day, followed by 10,000 in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

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The big question here is whether Xiaomi’s pricing will match the mouthwatering S$169 (RM550) price of the Xiaomi Redmi in Singapore. If the phone is sold for less than RM600, we’ll probably also see Xiaomi selling out on its first day.

Grey market importers have already made Xiaomi phones available but for a substantially larger amount than Xiaomi's official channels. But even with the marked up parallel import prices, Xiaomi phones give amazing bang for the buck when compared to the premium prices for mid-to-high end smartphones charged by Samsung, Sony and HTC.

Besides Malaysia, Xiaomi confirmed on Twitter that it would be coming to the Philippines, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Russia, Turkey, Brazil and Mexico.

To get a preview of what Xiaomi’ll be peddling here, check out the Singapore offerings at www.mi.com.

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