Xiaomi sells out in 15 minutes, reaches 40k Facebook fan milestone

The second Xiaomi restock is sold out in less than 15 minutes gaining ire of Malaysian buyers
Xiaomi sells out in 15 minutes, reaches 40k Facebook fan milestone

After a delayed restock thanks to hiccups with its Amazon cloud server, Xiaomi again opened the doors to its online webstore to a virtual stampede of orders. In less than 15 minutes all 6,000 units of Xiaomi Mi3 phones and 5,000 units of its Mi Power Bank were sold.

Good for Xiaomi but the question remains how some users were able to buy not one but multiple units of Xiaomi goods while some users were unable to snag even one. Luck of the draw? Better Internet connections? Spending all day waiting for the website to open? Beats us.

At actual sale time, the website was intermittently available and attempts to click on the 'buy' button instead saw redirections to blank pages for unlucky users.

Supply and demand or yanking chains?

Xiaomi sells out in 15 minutes, reaches 40k Facebook fan milestone

The incredibly limited units Xiaomi is bringing in is still a bit of a mystery. According to one of the users on the company's Facebook page, the Xiaomi Power Bank was listed "Out Of Stock" by 12:06PM. A check at 12.20pm revealed that both the Mi3 and the Power Bank were no longer purchaseable.

Besides selling out its incredibly limited stocks, the company also celebrated reaching 40,000 Facebook likes though quite a few comments on the page were from disgruntled would-be customers who were unable to secure a Xiaomi of their own.

Lucky for DiGi customers, if you're not currently under a contract you could try to obtain a Xiaomi Mi3 from Digi at its online store. At the moment it looks like DiGi has the semi-exclusive arrangement with the coy phone maker while Maxis is keener on pushing the Samsung S5 or the iPhone.

If you were lucky enough to score one, have a look at the geekiest themes available for Xiaomi phones. Or if you're not so sure you need a Xiaomi in your life, why not peruse our reviews of the Xiaomi Mi3 or the Xiaomi Redmi?

We're currently wondering, though, if the Xiaomi Mi Pad will make an appearance on our shores or even its super big TV for that matter.