Xiaomi launches Redmi Note 2 and MIUI 7

As well as a really tiny Mi Wi-Fi smart router

Xiaomi's new phablet, the Redmi Note 2, is official and looks pretty sweet. 

But that's not all the Chinese company formally introduced to the world. We also got a little insight into MIUI 7 and a surprise Wi-Fi router.

Additional reporting by Elissa Loi

Redmi Note 2

The phone will house a 5.5-inch 1080p display, and is powered by the Helio X10 2.2GHz octa-core. But the phone will come with 2GB of RAM and not 3GB, though the 13MP main camera and 5MP selfie cam are confirmed.

The phone's OS will be running on the MIUI based on Android 5.0, not 5.1 and will have a choice of two capacities: 16GB and 32GB. The battery is rated at 3060mAh, slightly larger than the 3020mAh earlier reported.

Apart from that, the phone will have two variants, namely the Redmi Note 2 and Redmi Note Prime. It will also come in white, black, pink, brown, and light blue. The Redmi Note 2 will be retailing at CNY799-899 (S$175-195), while the Note Price will cost you CNY999 (S$220). 

[source : GSMArenaXiaomi]


CEO Lei Jun talked up the huge international community of MIUI users which recently crossed the 150 million-strong mark and introduced the MIUI R&D team that's a staggering 750 people (that's a whole lot of teamwork going on). MIUI 7 is faster, more battery-efficient, and is even more tweakable as ever. A new feature highlighted was face recognition in Gallery, which means photos of the same people are intelligently (or creepily) grouped together for ease of access.

The event today focused on the China make of MIUI 7, but we'll be reporting on features that will be much pertinent to your use live from India, where the global launch of MIUI 7 will be happening on 19 August. 

Mi Wi-Fi nano

The palm-sized smart router will fit in your shoebox apartment and provide coverage that won't quit via its PCB atenna. The baby of Xiaomi's router range has quite the stamina and comes with a micro-USB port to work with your 10,000mAh Mi power bank for a crazy 30 hours. But you know what's even crazier? The fact that it only costs CNY79 (RM50).

We won't hold our breath for this to be made available in Singapore though, we're already blue in the face from holding out for the Mi TV 2S.