The Xiaomi Power Bank offers 16,000mAh of juice for a pittance

Xiaomi raises the bar (and the battery capacity) with its new mega huge power bank
The Xiaomi Power Bank offers 16,000mAh of juice for a pittance

Ever felt that your power bank just doesn’t pack anywhere near enough juice for your mobile devices? If Xiaomi’s new 16,000mAh power bank doesn’t solve your problem, then we're afraid nothing can.

Mark your calendars, Xiaomi’s long awaited battery will be hitting our shores this 16 December during their customary flash sale. Don’t forget that you can shoot for the Mi Band too as it’s released at the same time.

But back to the power bank: this behemoth of a battery isn’t quite as scary as it looks; it measures 145 x 60.4 x 22mm and weighs 350g. As you can see from the picture below it’s roughly the length of an outstretched palm. So it’s hefty, but at least it isn’t crazy big and heavy, and shouldn’t be much of a burden in your bag.

The Xiaomi Power Bank offers 16,000mAh of juice for a pittance

This is Xiaomi’s first power bank with dual USB outputs, which support 5.1V and 2.1A charging individually. When both ports are in use, it has a maximum output of 3.6A. It also supports fast charging thanks to a 5V, 2.0A USB input. Despite the massive capacity you can get a full charge with a 5V, 2A charger in nine hours, as opposed to almost 15 hours on 1A chargers – like those that come stock with the iPhone.

As with its previous efforts, you can count on the build quality of the 16,000mAh power bank to be excellent, and in no way does it look the part of a RM79 battery – yes you heard that right, all the power in the world in your hand for the price of a steak. No prizes for guessing which one gives you better mileage. And value, for that matter.

If you carry multiple power-chugging devices like a phablet or a tablet, then this is essential for your sanity if you’re out and about most of the time. It is available now, but only if you purchase a Power Bundle (retailing from RM614 to RM668). Xiaomi is also giving out three power banks in their Facebook contest here.

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