Xiaomi Reveals Long List of Upcoming Features for MIUI 10 and 11

Some coming sooner, some possibly down the line

Xiaomi maintains a consistent connection to their users through a dedicated forum for them to communicate with developers of MIUI, both the Chinese version and the Global version.

Recently, in an official forum post for the Chinese version, the developers detail a long list of features for an upcoming update to the MIUI 10, features that are in the works and possible features for MIUI 11. For features that are coming to the MIUI 10 are as listed, with bolded ones peaking my personal interest:


  • Ability to view the lock screen after unlocking without immediately entering to the Home page
  • New sound effects
  • Advanced Dolby effects
  • Face unlock and fingerprint scanner to work simultaneously
  • Optimization of the energy saving function
  • Activation of the screen with voice commands
  • Screen wake-up using voice commands
  • Support for album privacy for videos
  • Dark mode
  • Refresh function for the App Store interface
  • Display of the recharge status in the information screen

The unlocking with Face and fingerprint would add another degree of security to their phones which I definitely like. Dark mode should have been an option but I’m glad they’re adding that in soon; and obviously more energy saving is always good. Next, these are the features listed as under development:

  • Automatic deletion of the apk file after installing the app
  • Local recycle bin for photos albums
  • Support for photos crop in 18: 9
  • Reduction of false touches
  • Optimized App permission management
  • Better voice-activated shutter function
  • Child mode
  • Stereo Bluetooth in games
  • Display of emergency contacts in the unlock screen
  • New animation for recharging
  • Refresh of the unlock screen

Nothing much here, some quality of life upgrades and maybe a face lift with the animation and new unlock screen. Finally, the features are under consideration but might not be going into development:

  • Possibility to set the default SIM for each contact
  • New colors for the interface
  • Button postpone in reminders
  • Display of consumption in hotspot mode
  • Greater integration with third-party payment services

If you can read Chinese or content with translation, you can read up on the full details here.