Xiaomi, Microsoft sign deal to put Microsoft Office and Skype on Mi phones

More big name partnerships in the work for Xiaomi, perhaps?

Xiaomi's Hugo Barra just announced that the company was "expanding" its partnership with Microsoft. This will involve Xiaomi's phones and Microsoft's Office suite as well as Skype.

According to the Microsoft release, the Android devices involved are the Mi 5, Mi Max, Mi 4s, Redmi Note 3 and the Redmi 3. From September 2016, expect the phones to come preinstalled with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Skype. This might, however, differ by market or mobile operator.

Microsoft previously worked with Xiaomi on getting Windows 10 working on the Mi Pad and the software company's Azure also helps power Xiaomi's Mi Cloud

There was also mention of a cross-license and patent transfer agreement. It seems that Microsoft is now putting its effort on pushing its software onto mobile instead of banking on Windows Phone. This announcement is probably another sign of the imminent demise of Windows Phone - at least in the consumer mobile space. 

Besides phones, Microsoft will also likely be putting its software on future Android-powered Xiaomi tablets, as the release did mention tablets though specific models were not named. 

[Source: Microsoft]