Xiaomi Mi3 goes green

You may soon get a colour option for the flagship device
Xiaomi Mi3 goes green

Xiaomi’s not giving up on its Mi3 range if you go by what Xiaomi’s global vice-president Hugo Barra told Stuff. That, and the company’s most recent move is a testament to its continual support for its previous generation flagship.

The Chinese electronics vendor has rolled out a new Mi3, but instead of ramping up its specs, it’s launched it in a new green colour that will sit alongside its existing Mi3 array of white, grey, black, yellow, pink, blue, and gold.

But we’re not sure if the green monster will be brought over to Singapore – currently, the only option available here is the 16GB metallic grey version, so the chances of this being exclusive only to the Chinese market is quite high.

If you ask us, we think enabling its local users with a few colour choices will be beneficial to Xiaomi’s expanding global footprint. For all we know, the green model may be brought into Singapore as a limited edition offering, which we suppose will be snapped up in minutes (or even seconds), just like all of its other devices.

Just like all of Xiaomi’s other Mi3 units, only the back of the model will showcase the new colour – the front of it has been standardised to be black across all the Mi3 devices. In addition, the colour option will be only offered for the 16GB version of the unit, and all other specifications will remain unchanged.

Besides, the new variant could mean the Mi3 might remain as a viable option in the market for a bit longer, if you consider the Mi4’s launch just last month and its eminent global rollout in the coming months.

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[Source and image: Playfuldroid]

Will it be picked over the Mi4?