Xiaomi Mi3 available in Malaysia from 20 May

No word on the more affordable Redmi, but at least you can get your hands on the long-awaited Mi3 smartphone for RM889
Xiaomi Mi3 available in Malaysia from 20 May

Better late than never - Xiaomi's Malaysia website is now live, and the first order of business: announcing the Xiaomi Mi3's availability for RM889.

The online shopfront (which we think looks somewhat like an unpopulated version of Apple’s website) was sorely missed when Xiaomi's Malaysia Facebook page went live. But that's not the only thing the Chinese company has been teasing, it has also announced on its Singapore Facebook page that it'll launch “a range of products” but doesn’t reveal more.

Along with the website launch, it’s also revealed details (more like bite sized information) on product availability. The Xiaomi Mi3 and Mi Power Banks will be available starting from 20 May – the Mi3 16GB will sell for RM889, while the Mi Power Bank will cost RM36.

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Xiaomi here, Xiaomi there, Xiaomi everywhere

Xiaomi officially lands in Malaysia

The reveal follows Xiaomi Global vice-president, Hugo Barra, hinting of the company’s expansion plans into Malaysia at Startup Asia 2014 last week. And very soon, other Asian countries such as Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, and India will follow suit.

Talk about mobile domination in Asia.

Singaporeans have been taking up Xiaomi mobile units like there’s no tomorrow. Can we expect the same reaction from Malaysians, or will the uptake of Xiaomi’s products in Malaysia be a mere shadow of Singapore's crazed gadget shopping?

But the all-important question is: will Malaysia also get the smartphones Xiaomi will unveil on 15 MayWe’ll just have to wait to find out.

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