Xiaomi Mi Piston 3.0 now available on Xiaomi Malaysia store

Not a bad deal for decent headphones

Meet the successor of the Piston 2.1 that is just RM10 more than its predecessor. Priced at RM60, the Piston 3.0 has been totally redesigned with plastic for ergonomic improvements as the earpiece is tilted slightly for a comfort fit.

Aerospace-grade materials are used for the diaphragm and its engineering gives out a much more balanced sound output. There are even sound chambers that allows spiral air flow to optimise mid-range and bass performance. The earphones are designed for phone use, so there is a common volume selector attached with a mic on the connecting cables

You can place your orders for the Mii Piston 3.0 at the Mi Store as the sale starts 12PM today.

[source : SoyaCincau]