Xiaomi Mi Note available from 28 July, a day earlier if you order via Uber

The phone will be available from 28 July

Xiaomi has finally made the Mi Note officially available in Malaysia and besides the phablet, made other interesting announcements today.

The company said it has inked deals with three telcos: Digi, Celcom and UMobile. Curiously Maxis was left out of the list. The Note will be selling as part of Xiaomi's usual flash sales on July 28, but it looks like eventually you could be able to get your own Mi Note from a telco (that isn't Maxis).

What will you get with the Mi Note? Expect the following:  Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor, 64GB of internal storage, 5.7in full HD display, 13MP rear camera (by Sony) and a 4MP front camera. The base model has only 16GB but Malaysian consumers would probably appreciate the extra space even if it means a slightly higher price tag.

Xiaomi has no plans as yet to sell the Mi Note Pro, its bigger, souped-up version of the Mi Note in markets outside of China.

The Mi Note is retailing at RM1549.

Oh, one more thing. Instead of trying your luck on 28 July, you can try to buy it a day earlier via Uber. It's an in-app purchase, and the Mi Note will be delivered to you by an Uber driver. You won't even need to take a ride with Uber to buy the phone. The Uber option, however, is only available on 27 July and stocks are limited to a few hundred units.

[Source: Lowyat.net]