Xiaomi may have laptop in the works

Cheap laptop with good specs? Sounds exciting

Rumour is that Xiaomi has been talking to Samsung about providing memory chips and displays for laptops.

If the laptop is real, it might be out as early as next year. Considering that the laptop market is just as saturated as smartphones, we wonder how Xiaomi will differentiate itself from the pack.

While Xiaomi has managed to make impressive inroads where smartphones are concerned by undercutting many of its rivals, exactly how it will translate that into laptop sales is a puzzle. Will there be custom software involved? What OS will it run? Would a Mi Laptop be something its customers are willing to embrace? We'll just have to wait for more details, but seeing how the company has diversified into televisions and wearables, we wouldn't bet against the company's success.

[Source: The Verge]