Xiaomi to launch new phone with 6GB RAM

The company teased details of its next phone, but what model could it be?

While the Xiaomi Mi 6 has made quite an impression, the company looks like it's going to be launching another phone soon.

Which phone will it be?

Xiaomi put up a teaser on its Weibo Xiaomi Store, letting people know its next phone will have 6GB of RAM. A Geekbench leak revealed a new Xiaomi phone with 6GB of RAM and a Snapdragon 660 processor, though it's not certain whether this phone is related to the teaser.

With the specs, it's likely to be something on par with the Honor 9 thanks to the inclusion of the Snapdragon 660, instead of say a Snapdragon 835. As to which model it is, it could be either a Mi 6c though there's speculation that it's a Plus version of the Mi 6 instead.

Details will be revealed tomorrow, 11 June (as stated on the Xiaomi teaser) so we'll give you an update once the phone makes its official debut.

[Source: Xiaomitoday]