Xiaomi laptop, VR headset in the works?

UPDATE: Latest update shows a notebook that looks a lot like a MacBook Pro

Air fresheners, luggage, drones; frankly by this time we shouldn't be surprised with whatever Xiaomi puts out. Latest on the rumour mill is a Xiaomi Windows 10-powered laptop and a first look at the company's own VR headset.

First, the laptop. Gizmo China reported that info has leaked on Weibo about an upcoming Mi Notebook, from a tipster with a pretty solid record of authentic info. This notebook is apparently coming really soon, in perhaps a month with a summer launch pretty much certain.

Apparently mass production has already started on the laptop that will carry Intel's latest Skylake processors, in i5 and i7 versions and have up to 8GB of RAM. Pricing? Likely around US$450 (RM1846) if the information is accurate and the display is likely to be around 12.5in or 13.3in, making it competition for current ultrabooks and portables.

It's also rumoured the Mi Notebook would also have an aluminium chassis and be positioned as a more affordable alternative to Apple's svelte but pricey Macbooks.

As for the VR headset, BusinessKorea showed what is supposed to be a leaked image of Xiaomi's new design. While Xiaomi does have a dedicated Weibo account named "Xiaomi VR" it's been light on details.

With the VR space heating up, expect the headset to come out sooner than later, especially considering the lateness of the original most hyped headset: the Oculus.

UPDATE: A new photo has shown what looks like a Mi-branded notebook that seems to resemble Apple's MacBook Pro design. Sleek, with a silver grey exterior, it certainly looks like a nice ultrabook that would appeal to those who want their machines to look good. Apparently there will also be a 15.6in option as well, besides the previously mentioned 12.5in and 13.3in displays. Predictions are that the smaller notebooks will come out first.

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