Xiaomi investigating its own exploding phones

Two cases of Xiaomi phones exploding so far

WIth all the news frenzy over Samsung's overheating Galaxy Note 7, Xiaomi is handling its own overheating issues.

Mi Max, Mi 4c affected

One incident involving Xiaomi's latest mega-phablet, the Mi Max, was reported. Apparently the phone was being charged with the official travel charger when it exploded, damaging part of the owner's house.

Another case was of a Xiaomi Mi 4c that apparently exploded while being in the back pocket of its owner. The consequence? Third-degree burns. Both phones were purchased from Xiaomi's official online store. This is in addition to a Xiaomi Mi 5 also recently bursting into flame.

To be fair, these might be isolated incidents and the inevitable few defective models that do pop up in batches ever so often. There is no reason to be worried so far but Xiaomi is apparently investigating the incidents.

Whatever the phone model, users are advised to be wary of third-party chargers and cables, to avoid using the phone while charging (especially making calls) and always be aware of sudden overheating, a sign to be wary.

USB Type-C cables have particularly come under scrutiny after reports that many third-party cables do not properly follow specifications, making them potentionally dangerous to use. Here are some precautions you should take no matter the make of your smartphone.

[Source: GizmoChina]