Xiaomi could be working on a Mi Notebook Air update

Xiaomi's laptop is a hit, so expect more coming soon

Rumour is that Xiaomi is working on a successor to its well-received Mi Notebook Air. 


The only Air left

With Apple not having updated its own MacBook Air in a while, there's been room in the market for a capable yet portable notebook.

Xiaomi sold 110,000 Mi Notebook Air in the third quarter of 2016 - fairly impressive for a debut as it was approximately 2 per cent of the market share in China. That share was said to have incresad to 4 per cent by the fourth quarter.

What to expect from the new Mi Notebook Air? IDC's vice-president Wang Jiping hinted that production will start sometime in April and it will be built using a lithium-magnesium alloy that would weigh less than an aluminium alloy.

Apparently the Mi Notebook Air will be manufactured in a more cost effective manner than the previous gen, but that might not mean it will be cheaper than the current model. Currently the Mi Notebook Air comes in both 12.5in and 13.3in displays, with the smaller one on an Intel Core M3 processor while the larger notebook supports up to Intel i7 processors, with both models using Type-C ports.

While not officially available outside China, they have been available through grey market importers. This will probably also be the case once the new laptop is announced.

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