Xiaomi could be working on a Google Android One phone

A Google Xiaomi collaboration on budget phone sounds promising indeed

Google's Android One endeavour, its own budget Android phones built for developing countries, didn't get off to a great start thanks to competition from brands such as Xiaomi. Well, Xiaomi is rumoured to be working on an Android One phone.

No Xiaomi UI

Now, what would be the appeal be for the phone? It will be stock Android, without Xiaomi's own UI on top of it.

This seems like a dream come true for those who liked Xiaomi's hardware but weren't too impressed by its software.

As to specs, currently it's said to likely be running the Snapdragon 625 with a design inspired by the Xiaomi Mi 5x, as to the name, it might be called the Xiaomi A1 or the Xiaomi Tissot though the later seems unlike Xiaomi's usual naming conventions.

If the phone is a real thing, expect it to launch first in India where Android One was originally debuted. Check out our picks for the best budget smartphones in 2017.

[Source: XDA developers]