[UPDATE] Black Shark 2 Pro Live Photos Allegedly Leaked; Antutu Benchmark Score Surfaces

Someone alert the Coast Guards

[Article updated on 29.7.2019 with a new alledgedly leaked image of the Black Shark 2 Pro]

With only a teaser image of its rear panel and Black Shark themselves confirming that Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855+ processor will be powering the device, there’s little to go on to what the upcoming Black Shark 2 Pro has to offer over its predecessor. However, an AnTuTu benchmark score for the gaming smartphone had made its way to Weibo just recently.

The Black Shark 2 Pro that ran the benchmark is equipped with the aforementioned Snapdragon 855+ processor with 12GB RAM and 256GB storage. It scored an impressive 405,598 points, which is almost 30,000 points higher than its predecessor. Prior to this, the Pro variant also made an appearance on GeekBench where it scored 3623 and 11,367 on single core and multi-core benchmarks respectively.

Aside from benchmark scores, an alleged live image leak of the Black Shark 2 Pro was uploaded to SlashLeaks not long after the AnTuTu scores were posted up. The photo showcases the phone’s rear panel which resembles the one seen on the official teaser. Being a still image, we’re uncertain if the green ‘glow’ is actually lighting or glass panel effects, but it does seem like Black Shark is making a big deal of it.

As usual, stay tuned to Stuff Asia for more updates on the Black Shark 2 Pro, and we’ll definitely keep you posted with more details when the gaming smartphone launches in China on July 30th.

[Update 29.7.2019]


Another live photo of the Black Shark 2 was uploaded in Weibo (originally posted as a video on TikTok, of all places) just recently. This time around, we finally get to see the gaming smartphone's alleged front design, which looks almost similar to its predecessor. As usual, we recommend to take these leaks with a grain a salt until Black Shark officially reveals the phone in the near future.