Xiaomi announces trio of new-ish products at CES

Their first ever CES keynote wasn’t quite what we expected

For all its hype, Xiaomi’s CES keynote fell short of expectations.

Yes, enticing products were launched at the biggest global tech show. But no, nothing about global availability was mentioned. Want! But can’t have. Why do you have to be such a tease, Xiaomi?

In case you’re still curious, here’s what they announced - all we can do is wait and see if these products will ever reach us. Here’s hoping.

The star of the show was Xiaomi’s new 4.9mm thin TV with even thinner bezels. It’s modular, so if the motherboard is spoilt, you don’t have to replace the entire telly. It features Patch Wall, which is Xiaomi’s AI-driven software that gives you entertainment recommendations, along with bottomless scrolling which means you'll never run out of anything to watch. 

What’s really neat about the Mi TV 4 is that it comes with a soundbar with 10 speakers, two wireless rear speakers, and a subwoofer. Looking for more immersive Netflix-ing? The Mi TV 4 also supports Dolby Atmos to trap you in an aural bubble.

It’s a very nice product, but the fact that it happened in the wake of Sony, LG, and Samsung’s significantly more exciting TV unveilings, was just a tad anticlimactic.

The 65” (with Dolby Atmos support) will launch in China for under US$2000 with smaller 55" and 49" variants following suit. 

Aside from the Mi TV, Xiaomi also announced a white Mi Mix. This is where the new-ish comes in. The Mi Mix isn’t new; it was launched last October. What was announced was a new colour option - white. If you were expecting more, we’re sad to tell you it’s still China-only.

There’s also the Mi Router HD that comes in flavours of 4TB or 8TB from US$200 to under US$500. If you’re the careless type, you’ll appreciate that this machine will automatically backup your devices at home and even syncs with Dropbox to save your data offline.

And that’s it. So unless this “A Glimpse into the Future” CES keynote is a thickly veiled hint that Xiaomi is pressing on towards its global goal, we must be missing its point somehow. 

We're just going to end with this.