The Xbox One nearly had smell-o-vision

Microsoft tested out a protoype Xbox One controller with scent cartridges. No, really, it did. Honest
The Xbox One nearly had smell-o-vision

Microsoft has revealed that it created a prototype Xbox One controller which emitted smells, in an attempt to create another layer of immersion for gamers.

In an interview with Kotaku about the design of the Xbox One controller, Microsoft's head of Xbox accessories Zulfi Alam described how the prototype controller used smell cartridges to release smells, with scents including gunpowder, burning rubber, smoke and flowers.

So why doesn't the final Xbox One secrete odours into your nostrils? The lingering smell, apparently.

According to Alam, while gamers might enjoy sniffing cordite and the smells of the jungle, the other members of the household might not like their living room smelling like the aftermath of a protracted gun battle, or the brig of the black Pearl.

Microsoft isn't the only one to experiment with outlandish tech in its controllers – Sony nearly packed the PS4's DualShock 4 controller with galvanic sensors to monitor gamers' stress levels.

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[Source: Kotaku]