The Xbox and PS4 are stalking you

Your gaming skills are being recorded for posterity
Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are gameplay stalkers

So what's better than bragging your game scores our skills out to your mates? How about showing them a video of it? At the San Diego Comic-Con, Microsoft Games Studios' Ken Lobb revealed that the Xbox One will record the last five minutes of any games you play on the next generation console.

Using the last five minutes of gameplay footage will give players more flexibility to showcase their creativity with additional images of you playing via the Kinect camera (so make sure you're decent, or you could be the next Youtube sensation). Alternatively, saying "Xbox, record that" will instantly save the last 30 seconds of gameplay when you cannot pause and review the footage, according to Lobb. 

Sony's PlayStation 4 has similar video sharing features, though there were conflicting reports about the recording duration. Yesterday, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe confirmed with gaming website CVG that the recording length is 15 minutes, which ups the ante against Xbox One's five-minute limit.

The tussle between the two consoles has seen more gamers leaning towards the PS4, leading to Microsoft's reactive changes to match Sony's offering.

If you are still on the fence between the Xbox One and PS4, check out our in-depth comparison of the next generation consoles.

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