X-mini WE capsule speaker is really tiny, and wireless too

Singapore-based speaker maker cuts the wires and gives you more reasons to bring its new capsule speaker out
X-mini WE capsule speaker is really tiny, and wireless too

What’s better than a tiny capsule speaker that measures 44mm in height and weighs 44g? One that has the same dimensions, weighs slightly heavier at 48g and doesn’t have wires to make your life a living hell.

Two months after Singapore company Xmi announced its latest thumb-sized speaker, X-mini ME, it unveiled a wireless version and dubbed it X-mini WE. In contrast to the ME, which has to be physically tethered to a music player via an audio cable, the WE streams sweet music over-the-air via Bluetooth, with the same 3.5mm audio jack as an alternative option.

What sets this capsule speaker apart, however, is the inclusion of near field communication (NFC). That’s right, you can just tap your NFC-enabled smartphone or tablet to it, and they’ll pair up so quickly, you won’t even know it.

The WE reportedly has six hours of battery life, and this will dip to four hours if music is streamed continuously via Bluetooth. The capsule speaker will be available in Asia in the first quarter of 2014, and will be priced at US$39.99 (RM131).

[Source: CNET Asia]

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