WTFriday: Redditor trolls Instagram with a questionably-named duck

Instagram has egg on its face after man registers a website that sort of mentions Instagram but doesn't
WTFriday: Redditor trolls Instagram with a questionably-named duck

If you think that would be a misuse of Instagram's name, you would be forgiven as that was what Instagram thought too.

It seems the website is an elaborate joke at Instagram's expense as the proper title of the site is Slütsof In Stagram.

The owner of the site says that it is all about the adventures of a magical duck princess called Slütsof who lives in the magical realm of Stagram. Unfortunately as URLs don't support spaces or at the very least full stops in-between words, the combination of words means that it unfortunately implies something else than what it intended.

Of course, we all know that it is but a hilarious way to troll Instagram.

Of ducks and elaborate LOLs

WTFriday: Redditor trolls Instagram with a questionably-named duck

Nothing is known about the mysterious redditor who, of course, goes by the handle "slutsofinstagram" on Reddit.

In the site description, said Redditor describes it thusly: "Join her (the duck) as she leaves her castle, searches for her long lost brother Whöresof The Magical Goat and challenges a tyrant King who has claimed all of Stagrâm for himself. Here is some concept art to ignite your imagination!"

Other Redditors have also joined in the fun by submitting fan art and being delightfully involved in the thread about the website. You can enjoy the hijinks on the official Reddit thread or you could instead visit the orignal site.

Instagram had sent the owner of the site a cease-and-desist letter, which in hindsight might have been silly. At least they should have looked at the website first before preemptively suing on the basis that a URL contained a reference to it (which it right now does not).

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