Wristify is a stylish wearable personal thermostat

Keep it cool or keep it hot by regulating your own reaction to the environment
Wristify is a stylish wearable personal thermostat

A fancy bracelet? I'm hoping it's wearable tech. Please tell me it is.Why yes, you're right. Wristify is a bracelet created to help either keep you cool or keep you hot.

What's the story behind this thingy?Four MIT students thought it would be a neat way to help conserve energy. They estimated that if the device stops a building from changing temperature by even one degree Celsius, that would save roughly 100 kilowatt-hours per month. In hindsight, those office wars where colleagues wage war over airconditioning remotes seem very expensive.

It's a portable airconditioning unit/heater?Not that fancy. What happens is that it sends either heating or cooling waves to your thermorecepters. It's based on the principle that either cooling or heating one part of your body will help keep the rest of the body cool or hot as well.

It won't fry or freeze me to death?No, it's not wired enough for that. It will, instead, glow blue when it's cooling and warm orange when it's heating you up.


Would it actually be very comfortable?Wristify is unique in its ability to figure out your own personal thermal set-point. That's the ideal temperature that you find most comfortable.

Sounds neat. Where do I get one? It's not sold publicly as yet but you can signup at Wristify's website for notifications. No pricing or release details have been released as yet.

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