Wrap the gesture-sensing Myo around your arm to harness the force

Command drones, play games and give presentations with a wave of your hands
Wrap the gesture-controlling Myo around your arm to harness the force

Are we getting our blood pressure measured now?

No, the Myo doesn’t have a direct connection with health, aside from encouraging you to move around a bit more instead of just twiddling your thumbs all day, we suppose. 

Like the Kinect? I’d like to see it try

Trust us, this is unlike any gesture-sensing device we’ve ever seen before. Most current devices use cameras to read your actions but the Myo gets up close and personal. It uses a combination of proprietary muscle activity (EMG) sensors, a 9-axis inertial measurement unit (IMU) and haptic feedback to detect hand gestures, right down to rotations and finger-bending

So yes, the system knows when you’re flipping it the bird - and carry out the command you’ve pegged to it. 

Woah, you’re not kidding about its sensitivity. But what can we do with it?

Wrap the gesture-controlling Myo around your arm to harness the force

The possibilities are endless, young padawan. You can do the usual presentations, direct drones, or you know, use it for the ultimate gaming experience. We're not sure if it's suitable for Italians though...

Don’t we have the Oculus Rift for that?

Indeedy. That sits on your face, but these guys wrap around your guns to well, fire your in-game guns. Use up to two at one time to pop shots off with both hands. While it can be configured to multiple devices, it can only be connected to one at any time so don’t worry about your laptop going berserk when you’re engaged in battle mode on Call of Duty. Wait, why do you have that look on your face?

I’m bracing myself for the price

Surprise! The Myo is unexpectedly affordable. You can pre-order it for US$149 (S$189) and commence using the Force in mid-2014.


Source: Myo