Wow. Much feels. 3D printing lets disabled dog run. Many tears

3D printing makes bespoke prosthetics more accessible, even for man's best friend
Wow. Much feels. 3D printing lets disabled dog walk. Many tears

Every other day there’s always a cool story about 3D printing doing something to make lives better, if not cooler. Not only does this one fulfill all of the above, it will make you go awwww too.

Meet Derby, a rescue dog. Born with a congenital deformity, Derby has small forearms and no paws, making it impossible for it to walk normally. His previous owners left him at The Peace and Paws Rescue, and as luck would have it, came to the attention of Tara Anderson, a director at 3D Systems, a 3D printing company. Moved by his condition (and sad puppy eyes, we suspect), it wasn’t long before she took it upon herself to help him.

Wow. Much feels. 3D printing lets disabled dog walk. Many tears

The company came up with a bespoke, looped design that would not get stuck in the ground and printed it on a ProJet 5500X. It’s made with a combination of soft rubber and rigid plastic, as the designed needed some degree of flex.

The results were stunning. Derby can now run fluidly and naturally, almost as if he was born with normal legs. It’s tear-jerking when you realise how much positive impact a humble 3D printer can have on us if applied correctly – it’s unbelievably empowering. Here’s the video for more three minutes of feelgoodness.

When it comes to fixing stuff, 3D printers are slowly approaching legendary levels. Maybe someday it’ll replace the venerable duct tape? Only time will tell.