Would you pay US$2,000 to blast your remains off into space?

End your existence on this mortal plane in style, by sending your ashes off into the great unknown
Would you pay US$2,000 to blast your remains off into space?

Reach for the stars, they said. Aim high, they said. That's the kind of talk that results in the foundation of companies like Elysium Space, which specialises in space burial services.

That's right, for US$2,000 (RM6,497) you'll receive an engraved space-grade aluminium capsule to fill with a sample of the deceased's remains.

Then it's just a case of sending it back, along with a personal message which is then engraved on the capsule before it's blasted off into space in a specially designed memorial spacecraft.

Elysium memorial spacecrafts are launched along with commerical or scientific satellites from Cape Canaveral in Florida and the events are broadcast online, though guests can also witness launches in person.

Each spacecraft is assigned an official tracking ID by the North American Aerospace Defence Command (NORAD) and will orbit the Earth anywhere in between a few months to several years.

You can even track the spacecraft with a free iOS and Android app before it eventually re-renters the Earth's atmosphere, burning up like a shooting star in a blaze of triumphant glory.

It's definitely not a bad way to send yourself off, though we'd like to have the option to pay for a little more fuel and have our remains permanently floating in deep space. Who knows, maybe our ashes will be picked up by some hyper-intelligent aliens and we'll be brought back to life, hailed as a god and showered with other-worldly delicacies for all eternity. Or something.

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