The world’s smartest motorcycle helmet does everything but steer the bike

When will we learn that these helmets and phones will rule us all one day?
The (self-proclaimed) world’s smartest helmet is here

The Indiegogo campaign for the Skully AR-1 helmet started on August 10th, a mere two days before the time this article was written. Yet in that space it’s raised triple its target backing: an astonishing USD$800,000. One can infer that they’ve sold some 500 helmets in two days. From that, dear gentle reader, one can infer that each helmet sells for a cool USD$1,600.

At that thrifty price tag, of course the helmet is fully specced out. There’s a wide-angle rear-view camera which will feed footage to the HUD in front. The HUD itself will show you the important statistics like speed and fuel levels. Moreover, it connects to your smartphone to display directions and GPS, and integrated audio also lets you answer calls on your motorcycle (without using your hands) or stream music into your helmet.

Terminator motorcycles, anyone?

They’ve compensated for safety concerns well -- the visor is fog, scratch and glare-resistant and the helmet itself is DOT/ECE-certified. More importantly, the HUD itself packs all the above information in the motorcyclist’s line of sight without actually blocking the view of the road.

Lastly, there are the requisite quality of life buffs that always come to help justify and solidify its place as a high-end product. The “Outlast” lining in the helmet is supposed to reduce perspiration by 70 per cent. There are multiple sizes to choose from, the foam is precision-laser-cut for a perfect fit. It’s also purportedly lightweight and aerodynamic, so that should appeal to the adrenaline-junkie financially stable motorcyclist in all of us.

So far, despite its slew of features and that it’s basically giving the same features of a modern car’s dashboard to the motorcyclist, part of me can’t help but feel uncomfortable about pummeling a motorcyclist with all this stimuli. Though for the motorcyclists who do text or call and ride, I suppose this helmet at least provides the safest way to do so.

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