The world’s first Snapdragon-powered laptops are here

Say hello to the Asus NovaGo and the HP Envy x2

Both Microsoft and Qualcomm have been teasing the release of Windows 10 laptops powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon smartphone processing platform for some time now, with Microsoft saying it would happen by year-end.

It was a bit of a squeak-in, but today at Qualcomm’s annual Snapdragon Summit, Asus and HP both announced devices that will run on full Windows 10 powered by Snapdragon 835: the Asus NovaGo and the HP Envy x2.

Why should you be excited by this? The fact that these laptops run on smartphone processors means users get to enjoy more efficient battery life (Microsoft’s Terry Myerson said he went a week without having to charge his) and the “always on” connectivity that Microsoft is touting.

It also means thinner, lighter devices and more secure connections since you probably won’t have to tap onto public networks any more.

While the concept of a laptop running on a mobile processor isn’t new – Microsoft has been trying to make bedfellows of the two for some time – it’s only just become truly viable thanks to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon technology that can power up heavy-duty devices.

Below, some preliminary details on the Asus NovaGo and the HP Envy x2.

Asus NovaGo

Touted as the world’s first Gigabit LTE laptop, this machine looks just like any other Asus laptop except that it’s capable of 1Gbps speeds (just think: three to seven times faster than your regular broadband). Like your mobile phone, it's always connected, with super fast responsiveness when loading apps and has a built-in eSIM that means you can work off a single account for multiple devices.

Asus promises 22 hours of video playback and over 30 days of standby time, though we haven’t had the chance to test that yet. The 13.3in display rotates 360 degrees and there's 4GB of RAM/64GB of storage that can run up to 8GB/256GB. Comes with a USB Type-A ports plus a HDMI one. No local prices released yet, but it will go for $599 in the US for the lower spec version and $799 for the higher one.