World's angriest robot invented to teach customer service

Since when were angry robots a good thing?

Touchpoint Group, a New Zealand company states that they are building a robot that is full of a scary, human thing: anger. The robot is angry all the time - even angrier than Mel Gibson’s angry phone calls.

Apparently the function of this very angry robot is to help organisations deal with angry customers. The company is working with a bank so that the bank’s machines can better understand why customers get angry.

It is hilarious that we would need a robot to teach anger. Don't we all know some very angry people who would love to get paid to get mad? But all jokes aside, the project, named Radiant is a very serious project as Touchpoint CEO Frank van der Velden told the Australian Business Review.” Companies don't have the numbers of staff to go through this manually. It's very difficult. Take a bank for example, they receive a hell of a lot of data every day."

For the record, teaching potential AI destructive human emotions does not sound at all like a good thing. At least we know who to blame when the next time we get mad at an ATM machine, it punches us in the face.

[Source: CNet]