Workflow is the app that'll bring order to your chaotic life (and mobile habits)

Why tapdance between apps when one step will do
Streamline your mobile habits with Workflow

If you enjoy apps like IFTTT,  you'll want to check out Workflow, a spanking new iOS-only app that takes the concept to the next level.

For those unfamiliar with IFTTT (If This Then That), the app lets you set up a pre-defined set of conditions, which when met, causes a pre-defined action to be taken. It helps immensely in automating tedious or repetitive processes; e.g. whenever someone tags you on Facebook, the app will save that picture into your Dropbox.

What Workflow has going for it is that it covers way more ground: you can chain a series of actions together. The user interface is also easy on the eye, and the same could be said for the process of creating a shortcut; you simply drag and drop the desired actions in the order that you want.

Stack 'em up

Streamline your mobile habits with Workflow

There’s a myriad of pre-defined actions that you can choose from – over 100 actions in fact – and the beauty of the design lies in the fact that the actions are simple, and you simply stack them in a logical, step by step manner to accomplish your objective.

Once your workflow is complete you can save it as a shortcut on your home screen. Alternatively, you can create Action Extensions, which are placed in the share sheets of apps instead of the home screen.

Streamline your mobile habits with Workflow

The app also has a gallery loaded with workflows that which you can contribute to, of which some of are particularly useful, like a cross-posting shortcut that lets you post your photo across your social media platforms, i.e. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Right now the app is going for S$3.98, which is quite a bargain if you appreciate the virtues of these apps and what they can do for you.

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