Words U: The app that helps you sound smarter and teaches you new words

A nifty tool for that cousin or foreign penpal you text a lot?

From the makers of the rather hilarious Emojimo keyboard, comes another invention: Words U, a messaging app that will substitute ordinary words for higher-level ones. Thus "Would you like to eat something?" would likely become "Would you like to consume something?" For some of us, this could be mildly amusing, but used well Words U has the makings of a useful language tool.

Learn more words, no thesaurus needed

What Words U does, within the app, is convert words in the messages to other synonyms. This could result in you sounding like a walking thesaurus but then the app is about learning new words, not so much about 'real' messaging.

It would probably get really annoying really fast to send verbose messages all the time. But to be honest, some people might actually like that. The catch of Words U is that you can only text people signed up with Words U and you can only send each other messages within the app.

Let's see if Words U eventually becomes a keyboard replacement. Sadly it's iOS-only for now but should Words U somehow become its own keyboard replacement, we'll now be able to identify iPhone users by how overly erudite they communiques are.

Fancy teaching or learning new vocabulary? Download Words U free from the App Store.

[Source: TheNextWeb]