Wolffepack Capture makes taking camera gear out of your backpack super easy

While the original version was multi-purpose, the new bag is built with photographers in mind

Backpacks are a traveller's friend - kind on the shoulders and efficient at carrying a lot of goods. The Wolffepack backpacks let you take your stuff out without needing to take your backpack off and the latest in the line is made for photographers.

No hitting people in the face on the train anymore

The company says the backpack lets you "lower and bring your gear round to the front in one simple action". How does it do that? By a simple but ingenious design that keeps your straps on your shoulder but your bag mobile: one pull of a strap and the bag releases and you can bring it around to the front.

It's a handy way for people who don't like the notion of keeping their backpacks in front of them all the time. Though it is recommended when you're on a train to ward off pickpockets, when you're walking about it's more comfortable to keep your pack on your back.

As for specs, it's designed to hold 26 litres worth of weight, comes with a a custom camera bag that you can remove, with three customisable compartments and is made of water-resistant fibre. It also comes with its own rain cover stored at the bottom of the bag as well as a detachable chest strap and plenty of pockets.

If you fancy one, you can get one on Kickstarter from £125 (RM670). It's already fully-funded at press time and the original Wolffepack was also fully-funded and also fulfilled its pledges, so it's less of a risky proposition since the company has a proven track record. Expect the backpacks to start shipping out by November 2016.

[Source: Digitaltrends]