The Wise Button is a device-controlling keyring

Ditch that good-for-nothing holiday souvenir and put your keys on this device tracker
Control the world (and your gadgets) with the Wise Button keyring

Isn’t this just a glorified keyring?

You can see it as that, or … you can see it as the one keyring to rule them all! Sorry, we got sidetracked. The Wise Button is a universal remote for your devices.

Why would I need a universal remote for my devices?

Ask not why, but why not? You can use this convenient device for presentations, pause and play films without having to move to your laptop. Skip tracks on your dock speaker, or take photos remotely from your device’s built-in camera with just a click.

That’s it?

Nope, it also tracks devices, like when you misplace your phone in the fridge, scatterbrain. Just hit the search button and the linked device “will reveal itself”. As for how exactly, the information is scant, but we’re guessing by a shrill alarm that will be embarrassingly difficult to miss. 

Wise Button - Your universal remote control and tracking device from Plotnikov V.A on Vimeo.

But what if I lose the Wise Button?

Ha, the Wise Button makers are one step ahead of you. This device-seeking device can be located using the gadget you hooked it up to. Until the battery runs out, of course. But that will take about a month before you need to charge it via USB. Just remember to juice it up, ok?

Alright, how much is this going to cost me?

The Wise Button keyring keeps your keys and devices safe

The Wise Button (iOS/Android/Windows) starts from US$35 (RM116) and for US$70 (RM233). You get two Wise Button stickers acting as Bluetooth trackers, as long as whatever it's tagged to is within 150 feet (45m). Now you'll never lose track of your kids again, until they get beyond 150 feet, in which case, we guess it's good riddance then. 

Source: Indiegogo