Wires? What wires? You don't need them to use the Qimini Deuce charger

Tektos' latest creation is also a battery pack that'll save your phone from a death by flat battery
Wires? What wires? You don't need them to use Qimini Deuce charger

Stop. I don't need a wireless charger.That's what you think. Tektos, the company behind the first Qimini wireless charging plate, saw an opportunity in wireless charging and wanted to create something that consumers can carry around to cafes, their cars, offices or even embed it on their furniture. It’s the whole idea of adding convenience to our lives and not having it restricted to cords.

Again, why would I need a wireless charger? To top up your phone's battery anytime, anywhere? The word Deuce indicates there are two options available - it acts as a wireless charging plate, recognising when your phone is fully charged and then charges itself.

Say that again. Charge itself?Oh wait, did we forget to mention that it has a 2000mAh battery built-in to give your phone some extra juice when you desperately need to satisfy your Facebook addiction?

2000mAh doesn't sound like a lot...It really depends on what your mobile device is, because different units have batteries of various capacities. In general, you should get about 35 per cent (on devices like the LG G3 or Samsung Galaxy Note III) to 75 per cent (on the likes of the iPhone 5S) juice added to your device after a charge. More importantly, it charges at the same speed as your main charger would.

Charge wirelessly and on-the-go with the Qimini Deuce

Odd, it looks like a coaster. Are you trying to sell us a coaster?Its makers wanted it to look like one. It was meant to look ergonomically seamless, round, smooth, and small enough to fit the palm of your hand and also pleasing to the eye with no cables sticking out of it when it’s not in use (there’s an invisible magnet inside so the cable stays tucked away). There’s also four colour options to choose from – black, white, dragon fruit, and emerald. 

I just realised, I don't have a Qi-enabled device... bye...Wait wait wait, hear us out. There's still a way. You’ll either need a Qi sticker or a Qi case for your device. For example, the Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5, and Galaxy Note III would require a Qi sticker, while the iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, and the iPhone 5C will need a Qi case.

Charge wirelessly and on-the-go with the Qimini Deuce

Wait a minute, what's the catch?The cost, actually. It's now priced at US$59.99.

What? That's more expensive than other battery packs!You do get quality assurance, because it's certificated by the Qi wireless consortium standard so it works with all Qi-enabled devices – smartphones and tablets – around the world (some of such smartphone manufacturers include LG and Nokia).

Come on, at least tell us there's some wiggle room for the priceActually, there is. its price could potentially dip if it exceeds the A$40,000 pledge on Kickstarter. So be a busy clicker, tell your friends about it, and hopefully, you won't have to pay this much to get this wireless charger/battery pack.

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